STV Feature On Falkirk Highlights Difference Between SNP & Labour

Scottish Television News has highlighted Falkirk Council as one of the key contests in the country as Scottish Local Government goes to the polls next week.

The feature highlights the pact that exists between the Labour and Tory Party with a commitment reiterated that there will be no joint administration between the SNP and the Tories.

n his interview with the TV camera Labour leader, Craig Martin boasted that his administration had not closed any schools, libraries or sports centres. While in power the SNP built 7 new schools, 3 new libraries and developed new sports facilities across the district.

Tory Group Leader, John Patrick, responded to the SNP line by saying that he would not be giving any support to the SNP in the next council. This translates to the Tories remaining loyal to their Labour masters.

Denny SNP candidate, John McNally said,

“What the programme highlighted was the lack of both ambition and principles from the Labour leader.

 No matter how much devastation the Tories inflict on ordinary people Labour will keep their places warm for them at Falkirk’s top table and for what, to keep an Administration in power with no vision for the future.”

 Link to the STV Falkirk Council election feature broadcast on 26th April,AAAAAFihdC0~,AVeDkP1uo8CCg80s5jsg6q0iWbAKI6jJ&bclid=0&bctid=1593361860001


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