Labour Leader Caught Out Again In Stolen Claims

Leader of the Labour / Tory alliance in Falkirk Council, Craig Martin, has been caught out again claiming credit for other group’s initiatives as the Labour Councillor struggles to identify any achievements his Administration has delivered this past three years.

In his introductory leaflet Martin claims credit for the SNP’s four new high schools despite opposing the method of funding and location of one of the schools.

Now the shameless Labour member is claiming credit for the regeneration of Stenhousemuir Shopping Centre despite the fact the contracts were signed by the SNP.

However, the most cynical comment made by the struggling Labour leader is the claim that his Administration was responsible fro the upgrade of the play park at Southview in Stenhousemuir.

The upgrade was actually a project undertaken by the Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council and paid for with a grant to the voluntary body from the Co-op.

SNP Councillor, Steven Carleschi said,

“Clearly Craig is struggling to list any achievements from his own Administration.

 Reduced to listing what they haven’t closed rather than what they haven’t built we now have the spectacle of Mr Martin seeking to rob the local community council of their rightful credit for their efforts.

 This sends the wrong message to voluntary groups, to highjack the achievements of members of the community for political purposes will act as a disincentive to other community volunteers to the detriment of those communities.

 Craig owes the Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council an apology and while we understand the problems he has in finding achievements he can genuinely claim as his own he can not abuse the position he holds within the community.”

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