Latest Labour mailshot attracts ridicule from SNP

Cecil Meiklejohn

Local SNP officials have poured scorn on the latest Labour mailing to thousands of Falkirk West residents.

Accompanying a letter purporting to be from Labour UK Leader, Ed Miliband inviting locals to meet Shadow Cabinet Minister, Ann McKechin is a booklet seeking people’s views on Scotland’s future.

However the SNP point to the return address in Newcastle as proof that the elections to the Scottish Parliament have been high jacked by the Labour leadership south of the border.

SNP Falkirk West Constituency Convenor, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn said,

“Not only is the Falkirk West Labour Party being ignored in this latest gaff but the entire Labour Party north of the border is being airbrushed out of what should be an entirely Scottish election.

This is not only a huge embarrassment for New Labour in Falkirk but also undermines the principle of devolution as it is clear New Labour in London are running the show in Falkirk West.”

Cllr Meiklejohn went on to say,

“Labour really have a cheek talking about their fresh ideas when within the last two weeks their MSPs voted against the Scottish Budget that provides for, amongst other benefits, an additional 25,000 modern apprenticeships for young people, 50,000 bursaries for students and abolishes prescription charges.

These are policies that have a real benefit to our communities and yet Labour MSPs voted against them without putting forward a single alternative.

We can also look to where Labour are in power, i9n Falkirk Council, to see their fresh ideas and they include a formal pact with the Conservative Party and punitive charges on the elderly and disabled for services delivered free by the SNP when in power.

We were told at last years UK General Election that all we had to do to protect ourselves from Tory cuts was to vote Labour. The result was a Tory Government now the same London Labour leaders who failed us last year are looking to run the elections for the Scottish Parliament.

This demonstrates how out of touch they are with local opinion in Falkirk.”    

Background papers – New Politics Fresh Ideas + letter from Ed Miliband.

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