SNP Respond To Buchanan Smears Leaflet

The SNP has published it’s reply to the leaflet circulated by the Bonnybridge former Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan.

The leaflet was roundly condemned by members of all parties and has brought the council election process into disrepute.

Below is the text of a letter produced by SNP candidates, Tom Coleman and Lynda Kenna that is both accurate and appropriate in terms of restoring dignity and integrity to the process, qualities sadly lacking in the original publication from Mr Buchanan.



You may have recently received a leaflet through your letterbox from Mr Buchanan. Having
asked for and received advice from the Returning Officer for the Falkirk Council Election we
believe that the contents of this leaflet contravene The Representation of the People Act 1983
in that it is an illegal practice 

"to make or publish a false statement of fact about the
personal character or conduct of a candidate in order to
affect the return of any candidate in an election". 

It is understood by us that the content of this leaflet is currently a matter under investigation by
the Criminal Investigation Department of Central Scotland Police. 

We further believe that this leaflet also constitutes a breach of the Ethical Standards in Public
Life Code of Conduct For Councillors in that it is derogatory, unjustifiable and treats other
individuals with gross contempt. 

We have taken the unusual step of issuing this letter as we believe that as a consequence of
publishing false statements Mr Buchanan has maliciously undermined and debased the local
election process. 

We would also ask you to keep in mind that your local elected Councillors are responsible for
our schools, libraries, our parks, our roads, the care of our older people and in fact all the
things that bind a community together. They are responsible for making sensible and measured
decisions on your behalf on a budget of more than £350,000,000. 

Whoever you chose to vote for on Thursday 3rd May, we would ask you to make your vote
count towards supporting and sustaining our community. 

Councillor Thomas Coleman Councillor Lynda Kenna 

Promoted by Lynda Kenna, 52 James Street, Stenhousemuir, FK5 3HS behalf of Thomas Coleman and Lynda Kenna.
Printed by Falkirk SNP, 3 Castings Drive, FK2 7BN.


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2 Responses to SNP Respond To Buchanan Smears Leaflet

  1. William Robertson says:

    I have voted for Billy in the past and the SNP at national elections but was disgusted by his rant. That wasn’t the Billy Buchanan I knew but he wont be getting my vote in the future.

  2. Anne MacDonald says:

    I will never vote for Billy again, his leaflet was a disgrace and his loan voice comment doesn;t stand up given that he is a senior chairman within the council. Tom Coleman has done an excellent job for Bonnybride so I will be voting Coleman 1, Kenna 2.

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