Argylls Under Threat Again From Tories

Sandy Turner

SNP candidate for Bo’ness and former professional soldier with 24 years service, Sandy Turner, has condemned plans by the UK Government to abolish the Argyll and Southern Highlanders along with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

The recently-announced disbandment of 40 Regiment, the
Lowland Gunners, it will mean that one-third – three of the nine Scottish-raised battalions in the army – will have been scrapped by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition.
Mr Turner said:

“The Argylls in particular have a long and well established association with this community and their disbandment  would be a betrayal by the UK

 This announcement highlights the decline of Scottish recruited units and starkly exposes the extent to which the UK Government are running-down Scotland’s defence capabilities.

“With the recent disbandment of the 40th Royal Artillery Regiment only 8 of 140 regular units will be Scottish recruited and only three of those, or a shocking 2 per cent, are actually based in Scotland.

“The Tories claim to be the champion of the Armed Forces but the opposite is the case yet Labour fare no better, for over a decade Scotland has been short changed, losing more than 10,500 defence jobs and enduring a £5.6billion underspend.

 All of the London parties have sold out our service personnel and so it is no wonder more and more of them are turning to the SNP.”




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