Even Tory Councillors Won’t Admit To Being A Tory

Even established  Tory Councillors appear to be ashamed of their own party’s record and are desperately seeking to hide their Tory credentials.

Proof of this comes in the shape of an election leaflet circulated by Conservative Councillor for the Lower Braes, Malcolm Nicol where he fails to mention the Conservative Party anywhere in the publication.

Councillor Nicol, a senior member of the Tory / Labour Administration also ignores his own contribution to civic like over the last five years and instead claims credit for SNP achievements in the previous term such as the provision of a new library in Polmont.

However, it is attempt to hide his Tory membership that has attracted the rightful condemnation of SNP candidate for the Lower Braes, Robbie Landsman who said,

“While both myself and my colleague, Steven Jackson, are proud to declare our political roots our Tory opponent is seeking to con the people of the Lower Braes by hiding his political views and affiliations.

 Of course Mr Nicol has previous in such matters but there is evidence that the people of the Lower Braes are not so easily fooled.

 The Lower Braes, like all others, is suffering major problems at  the hands of the Westminster Tory led government. And so while I understand why Cllr Nicol would want to hide his colours from the electorate he cant be allowed to get away with such a deceit.

 Of course Cllr Nicol also has to face up to the question being asked at door after door, what did the people of Lower Braes gain from the five years Cllr Nicol sustained a do nothing Labour led Administration?

 On Thursday the people have a choice, a discredited Labour / Tory Administration or a better option of the SNP.”

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