Lets Make Falkirk District Better on May 3.

That is the call from SNP Group Leader, David Alexander hours before the polls open to elect a new administration within Falkirk Council.

The SNP are riding high in the opinion polls and have put forward the most ambitious and community friendly manifesto of all the parties.

The SNP council chief also assured supporters that there is no complacency within the SNP camp only a determination to win on Thursday and deliver the much needed  within the local authority.

The SNP is also the only party fielding enough candidates to win control of the council outright, a clear sign of ambition on the part of the Nationalists.

From social care to our commitment to build more council houses, the SNP has  put forward a programme that is radical and taps into the mainstream views of the people of Falkirk.

Mr Alexander said,

On Thursday we can make a little bit of history and by doing so we will make Falkirk district more than a little better.

 Our campaign has been a positive one compared to the negativity of our opponents and the nastiness of some of those whose comfortable positions are under threat from the SNP.

 That campaign has caught the imagination of thousands of our fellow citizens and the response around the doors has been nothing short of fantastic.

 We recognise that with power comes responsibility and that to do nothing for fear of doing something wrong is not acceptable.

 Even in these days of austerity Falkirk Council could do so much more to make our communities fairer.

 Ambition and vision are the qualities the SNP introduced to Falkirk Council in 2001. Tomorrow we take the first steps towards restoring those qualities and in doing so we move our communities forward in a way that has been missing for too long.”

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