SNP Offer Talks To Other Parties

The SNP has today written to the leaders of Falkirk Council’s Labour and Conservative Groups seeking talks on the shape of the council for the next five years.

At present the 13 SNP members have the backing of 2 Independents with Labour’s 14 supported by the sole remaining Independent, Billy Buchanan with the council’s 2 Tories holding the balance of power.

Talks have been ongoing between Labour and the Conservatives throughout the week but the SNP believes that no deal has yet been brokered.

Contained in the SNP manifesto is a commitment to seek a more open and transparent set up within the council and the SNP want talks on the shape the local authority will take no matter who forms the administration.

The SNP also pledged to respect the role of all Councillors and create a more inclusive environment where everyone has their say.

SNP Group Leader, David Alexander, said,

“If the Tories decide to back an SNP / Independent Administration, as they have done before, then we can promise them changes that are in everyone’s interest.

If, however, they continue their pact with Labour then both of these parties must recognise that the SNP received the highest number of first preference votes and these people have a right to have their voices heard.

We hope that we can have constructive dialogue with the other groups and work together to make Falkirk Council that bit better.”

Text of the letter issued to John Patrick,


Cllr John Patrick

Conservative Group Leader

11 May 2012

Dear John

I am aware that talks are ongoing between your group and the Labour Group regarding the future shape and management of Falkirk Council the details of which are, of course private between participants.

However, I am sure you will appreciate that Falkirk Council has 32 members all of whom have a democratic mandate from the people to play a role in the shaping of the council.

As the leader of the party that received the highest percentage share of first preference votes I am sure you will appreciate the need  for the SNP Group to be involved in the process of shaping the future.

We accept that there will always be fundamental political differences between all of the groups that make up Falkirk Council but the SNP manifesto made it clear that our vision is of a more consensual and inclusive structure and ethos.

Because of this I would invite yourself and your colleague, Councillor Nicol, to meet with representatives of the SNP Group to discuss options and opportunities for a better Falkirk Council.

I have sent a similar invitation to the leader of the Labour Group, Craig Martin.

Yours sincerely

Cllr David Alexander

SNP Group Leader


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2 Responses to SNP Offer Talks To Other Parties

  1. Duncan Marr says:

    Good luck in trying to bring change to Falkirk Council it badly needs it based on my experiences witth it. The Labour led administration was a disaster for the town compared with the time you ran the council and I hope the 2 Tories recognise that what matters is not what benefits them but what benefits the people.

  2. Disgusted council employee says:

    The Falkirk Herald news site is reporting that the Laour Party is now in bed with the Tories and I have no doubt we will see more services cut or privatised as a result. As a Falkrk Council employee and former colleague of Pat Reid I will never vote Labour again, I am disgusted.

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