Falkirk To Get First Ever Tory Civic Leader Thanks To Labour

Inside sources within Falkirk Council inform us that the community of Falkirk are to have the district’s first ever Tory civic leader foisted on us by Labour when Falkirk Council meets for the first time on Friday since the elections on May 3.

This is happening at the same time as hundreds of disabled people across Falkirk District are receiving letters advising them that the Westminster Tory Government are cutting their state benefits.

The Tories who won only two of Falkirk Council’s seats with less than 10% of the popular vote on May 3 but have found themselves elevated to the top table by the Labour Party eager to hang onto power within Falkirk Council at any cost.

Veteran Tory, John Patrick is tipped to become Depute Provost to Labour’s Pat Reid in a marriage of convenience designed to keep out of power the party that won the highest percentage of First Preference votes.

Councillor Patrick who just before the 2007 elections declared he would never support a Labour Administration in Falkirk is the latest politician to have their heads turned by a badge, and of course a weekly additional payment.

However it is the perception of the people of Falkirk that concerns the SNP.

Councillor Steven Carleschi said,

When there is a sniff of power Labour’s morals disappear quicker than snow in June.

 During the elections I met many people who believed Labour would protect them from Tory cuts but how can they do that when they are not only in bed with the Tories but are promoting them to high office within the Falkirk community.”

 It is expected that the other official Tory member, Malcolm Nicol is expected to pick up the chairmanship of the Licensing Board in Falkirk and the total allowance of upwards of £21,000 a year that goes with the joint posts.

The other member of the bizarrely named Conservative, Independent Alliance, Billy Buchanan is likely to be retained as convenor of the Planning Committee despite his reputation as a “developers delight.”


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2 Responses to Falkirk To Get First Ever Tory Civic Leader Thanks To Labour

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    I’m surprised the tories have settled for so little. I really thought they would have insisted on the chain and the badge plus the money that goes with it. Meanwhile disabled people like myself are set to lose disability living allowances at the end of this month thanks to tory cuts.

  2. Joe Bruce says:

    I take it all back. A seat on CoSLA and a badge is obviously worth mair than a badge and a chain.

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