Welcome Boost For Bainsford With SNP Restoration Campaign

News that work will start this week on the restoration of the iconic Big Bar building in Bainsford after years of neglect.

The restoration of the building has come at the end of a five year campaign by local SNP Councillor, Cecil Meiklejohn, who hosted a series of meetings with owners and council officials and lobbied for a restoration programme throughout that time.

Now the hard work is about to produce a positive outcome that will be welcomed throughout Bainsford.

The recently re-elected SNP Councillor said,

“This announcement is hugely satisfying as the Big Bar building is a significant building in the community.

 The damage done to the building and subsequent deterioration had a negative impact on not only the building itself but on the wide community given its strategic location.

 When I first met with the council officials and owners almost five years ago the task looked hopeless and I feared for the future of this building.

 The problem has been the fact the building has 13 different owners each with different interests and financial means.

 However, enough progress has been made to allow the first phase of restoration going ahead immediately and that is a matter of great satisfaction to me and, I am sure that will be shared by the Bainsford community.

 With the housing regeneration of Carron   Road thanks to changes in legislation and grants from the SNP Government the restoration of the Big Bar is another piece in the jigsaw of improvements in Bainsford.”


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2 Responses to Welcome Boost For Bainsford With SNP Restoration Campaign

  1. colin seivwright says:

    Well done to the SNP, and here was me thinking it was Craig Martin that had got this done.lol

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