Boost for Scotland as Holyrood approves SNP budget

Michael Matheson

There was relief amongst employees and users of Scotland’s public services when the SNP budget was passed in Holyrood.

Bizarrely Labour MSP’s including Cathy Peattie voted against the budget that provided for,

  • Increased budgets for the NHS
  • The abolition of Prescription Charges
  • 25,000 new modern apprenticeships
  • Protection of Free Personal Care and elderly transport schemes
  • Retention of local government’s share of the overall budget, a full 1% (£340m) more than Labour delivered.
  • Maintained the record number of Police Officers on the streets
  • Maintain the number of teachers
  • Funds to implement the STUC’s Living Wage within all areas of the Scottish  Government.

Said Falkirk West MSP, Michael Matheson,

“Labour MSP’s really need to explain why they voted against a budget that provided the priorities favoured by local people.

The Scottish Government faced a £1.3billion cut from Westminster yet have made efficiency savings that have protected the essential services that so many of our fellow citizens rely on.

We have put people first and that is why the Labour Party have been exposed as the hypocrites they are.

When challenged to produce an alternative budget Labour failed to do so and clearly have nothing to offer the people of Falkirk West other than negativity and empty uncosted promises.”


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