SNP And Non Aligned Independents Squeezed Out In Favour of Tories

As expected, the alliance between the Labour and Conservative Parties was in evidence at the inaugural meeting of Falkirk Council following the elections on May 3rd.

Labour’s Pat Reid was re-elected Provost only this time the former UNISON activist has a Tory, John Patrick, as his depute and peer.

Other appointments brought the accusation of “gerrymandering” as Labour and their allies created artificial majorities for themselves on several of the council committees.

On the 8 person Policy & Resources Committee where the previous administration had lost several votes due to the tightness of the numbers the non aligned Independent, Robert Spears was replaced by tame Tory, John Patrick who will be keen to demonstrate his gratitude to Labour colleagues for his new found promotion.

The non aligned Independents were also frozen out of a place on the Planning Committee in favour of the madcap Councillor, Billy Buchanan, and his close confidant, the Lower Braes Tory, Malcolm Nicol.

Bizarrely Buchanan won a vote to become Planning Convenor by 17 votes to 15 against the SNP’s Steven Carleschi. All of the Labour members who queued to privately condemn the maverick Bonnybridge Councillor  over his disgraceful election leaflet just a few weeks ago voted to reward Buchanan with this most responsible of positions.

Advice from council officials regarding the split in delegate places to the influential Confederation of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) was that the four delegates from Falkirk Council should be split 2 Labour 2 SNP. However, the second SNP position was given to the Tories proving that Labour and the Tories are working hand in hand to a national agenda as well as local.

To add insult to injury both positions on the Helix Board were grabbed by Labour despite the fact the Helix was an SNP creation.  Cecil Meiklejohn lost out by 17 votes to 15, to Labour’s Craig R Martin.

Even before the appointment of Provost, the council heard that letters sent by the SNP to both the Labour and Conservative seeking talks on finding common ground  and co-operation didn’t attract even the courtesy of an acknowledgement.


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11 Responses to SNP And Non Aligned Independents Squeezed Out In Favour of Tories

  1. Andy Fox says:

    Absolute disgrace – especially Buchanan getting Planning again. I hope there is some punishment for the disgraceful lealfet he put out against Mr Coleman that will end in his removal from this post.
    It’s beyond belief that voters with a social conscience who voted Labour believing all their hype about caring for pensioners etc would sit alongside a couple of Tories whose party are currently responsible for relieving disabled folk of their allowances. Both parties clearly care about nothing and no-one and are the biggest bunch of hypocrites out!

  2. David Alexander says:

    Maybe I am getting soft but I felt sorry for Craig Martin today. First of all he was undermined by Dennis Goldie who twice moved closure motions while opposition members were on their feet. Secondly he was undermined by the Tory, Malcolm Nicol who took over the later part of the meeting and clearly thinks he is Labour leader. I cant hekp but think Craig has a limited shelf life.

  3. Brian McCabe says:

    Maybe I’m getting soft. But it had nothing to do with Craig Martin.
    Undermined by Don Dennis, I don’t think I heard an intelligible word Craig actually said. He struggled with continuuu… continuooo, continuosi, … eventually we got “continuity” which bore no resemblance to a word I have ever heard in the English dictionary. He strangled it. You could tell he was looking towards the ‘boss’ to see if he was doing ok. Obviously not, when the Godfather twice moved closure motions while opposition members were still on their feet. Democracy at its best.
    I struggled to understand whether Tory, Malcolm Nicol was in charge of the ‘party’, he took over the latter part of the meeting so sublimely. I don’t think he even considers that anyone other than himself or Dennis is the Labour leader. Goodness knows where that leaves Craig. Unless Don Goldie or Consiglieri Nicol offer him a summer season at Vegas, I fear Craig ‘sleeps with the fishes’.

  4. Roy McDonald says:

    Brian, arent you an independant Councillor? I really am puzzled at you posting on a SNP website.

    • Brian McCabe says:

      No Roy, I’m an Independent Councillor.
      This means that I can post wherever I like, to comment on the despicable behaviour of alleged Labour and alleged Tories, who get into bed with one another for their own good. And when even that isn’t sufficient for their own ends, they move over in the bed to allow an alleged Independ(a)nt councillor in beside them to grab onto power.
      The triumvirate in Falkirk Council are an unelected cabal who are abusing the rights of our citizens by gerrymandering positions in Council chambers. Are the SNP any better? I’ve no idea. Why don’t you ask them? That’s if you are still puzzled.

      • Joe Bruce says:

        Triumvirate makes it sound like an unholy alliance. They are aw just Unionists to me. As for CM, he never was the sharpest tool in the box. Just a tool. Nah, come to think of it, a tool’s a useful thing lol

      • Roy McDonald says:

        Brian, even more puzzled now am afraid. I had a little look on your facebook page and at your election leaflet and all i could come across was vote SNP 2/3 everywhere. Doesnt sound very independant but maybe thats just me???

        • Andy Fox says:

          It looks to me like a good strategy to try and keep the Tories and the wee pretendy Tories out of power. At least it was clear on the leaflet what Mr McCabe stood for, unlike a certain Tory councillor who neglected to mention that he was a Tory on his own leaflet. Once elected he rolled over and joined with Labour. Who knows what he really stands for?
          Same goes for the Labout lot who unashamedly gave the people of Falkirk a council they didn’t vote for. Says it all really, New Labour= Old Tory and they had the cheek to call the SNP ,Tartan Tories.

          Hopefully next time…

          • Joe Bruce says:

            I was saying to any1 in Falkirk South who would listen that Independent 3/4 would help keep the Tories out. Is that not what tactical voting is about? Its not a crime.

  5. David Alexander says:

    All I can do Brian is point to our record while in office. You were good enough to respond to the SNP approach for talks, unlike the Labour and Tory members and I hope we can work together to hold this unholy administration to account. I do believe that we have a common interest as we saw during Fridays council meeting.

  6. Joe Bruce says:

    Qu’elle surprise! The Unionist Alliance and Billy “Boy” Buchanan (take that how you want). We’re aw doomed.

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