YES For Scotland Campaign Launched

First Minister, Alex Salmond was joined by a host of personalities from all walks of life in the spectacular launch of the YES campaign for Scottish Independence.

Amongst those who took part were former Falkirk West MP and MSP Dennis Canavan, who told the audience he was a convert to the cause of independence because he believed Scotlandwould be a much fairer society if free to determine its own priorities.

Also from a similar background was former Ravenscraig Trade Union Convenor, Tommy Brennan who believes that independence is the means of re-industrialising Scotland.

There were speakers from industry, commerce and the political spectrum including Patrick Harvey of the Green Party but the star of the show was actor Brian Cox who outlined his path to support for Scottish independence and growing disillusion with Westminster.

Watch the whole launch with the link below and judge for yourself.


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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Finally, we can get on ith the debate. I watched Isobel Fraser’s programme on BBC1 last night and was very impressed with Patrick Harvey and a bit disappointed that Nicola Sturgeon kept being drowned out by that banshee Rude Davidson. As for Anus Sarwar; Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear as the late David Francie would have said.

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