Michael Matheson Welcomes Canavan Conversion

Michael Matheson MSP

Falkirk West MSP, Michael Matheson, has welcomed the announcement that former Labour MP and Independent MSP for Falkirk West, Dennis Canavan, is joining the cause of Scottish independence.

Mr Canavan said that his 25 years  at Westminster and 8 years in the Scottish Parliament had led him to the conclusion that Westminster was out of touch.

Speaking after Dennis Canavan appeared at the launch of the Independence YES campaign in Edinburgh, the current Falkirk West MSP said,

People of the calibre of Dennis Canavan, Tommy Brennan and Brian Cox, people steeped in the history of the Labour Movement, whose support for independence, demonstrates clearly how far the modern day Labour Party have moved from their traditional roots and values.

It is clear that the radical roots of Labour in Scotland is being articulated better by those such as Dennis, than the likes of Darling and Connarty.

I welcome Dennis Canavan’s honesty and integrity and his active participation in the YES campaign is a major boost to the cause, particularly here in Falkirk where Dennis is a much respected figure.”

See Dennis Canavan’s contribution piece on the YES campaign website link below.



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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    I’m pleased with the stance Mr Canavan has taken on Independence. Hope he joins the SNP in time to be our candidate for Westminster and he wins the Falkirk seat for the short time it takes to leave the UK.

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