Labour letting down Boness

John Constable

Bo’ness Councillors John Constable and Ann Ritchie have slammed the Falkirk Council Labour/Tory administrations budget proposals as bad news for Bo’ness and Blackness.

Veteran SNP Councillor John Constable said:

“Despite the SNP demonstrating how they could avoid the worst aspects of financial cuts they have chosen to increase charges again on essential care services for the elderly, disabled, and most disadvantaged in our community. Their decision to slash funding to voluntary organisations will cost Bo’ness Fair almost another £4,000 this year and their voting down an SNP proposal for £50k for a business plan for flood defences at Blackness ignores the urgent need for action and Falkirk Council’s responsibility to provide those defences.”

Councillor Constable also reacted angrily to a Labour/Tory rejection of his call for a further £50k allocation to design and prepare a plan for a new school hall for Blackness Primary School which is the only school in the Falkirk Council area that does not have a dedicated school hall of its own. Councillor Constable demanded:

” does this administration want to deny the children of the Blackness area facilities that are enjoyed by all other children in this district?” Why do they consider the interests of Blackness children less important than those of children from all our other communities.”

Recently elected SNP Councillor Ann Ritchie was equally scathing. She said:

“I am supporting Councillor Constable’s motion because all we want is fair play for children in Blackness. We want them to have the same treatment as all children elsewhere and how can Falkirk Council spend money extending school halls in other areas whilst neglecting the one school that doesn’t even have a school hall.”

Councillor Ritchie summed up

“Falkirk Council had the second best financial deal in Scotland from the Scottish Government but they have failed to give local people the benefit of that.”


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