SNP Welcomes No Fracking Assurance

Stephen Bird, SNP Councilor for the Carse Kinnaird & Tryst Ward in Falkirk has warmly welcomed assurances from Dart Energy that they do not intend to carry out Hydraulic Fracturing, sometimes known as “fracking” at their site in Airth.

Councilor Bird had raised the issue following a Planning Application having been submitted to Falkirk Council from Dart Energy for Exploration and Pilot Test Development of Coal Bed Methane, Including Use of Drilling and Production Equipment at Kersebrock Farm,Falkirk.

Councillor Bird said “I am pleased that Dart Energy have given a written assurance that the proposal does not involve hydraulic fracturing and  that a new Planning Application would be necessary if they wanted to do so.”

The statement from Lynne Campbell, Surface Management Manager for Dart states I can confirm that this proposal (P/12/0109/FUL) does not involve hydraulic fracturing. I can also confirm that Dart does not intend at this time to perform future hydraulic fracturing in the Airth area. Dart also believe that planning permission should be sought for proposals for hydraulic fracturing and understand the requirements to seek additional permission under the Water Environment & Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003 & the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 from Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Therefore, any proposals for those type of operations will require a planning application submission to any relevant planning authorities and relevant stakeholders in accordance with legislation.”

Councilor Bird has welcomed the prompt reaction from Dart Energy and their very clear statement that Dart Energy that “fracking is not on their agenda and that they recognise that a further Planning Application and the approval of SEPA would be necessary if they wished to carry out such activities. Given the potential geological issues of “fracking”, and the proximity to the Forth and the petro-chemical Industry at Grangemouth this is very good news for not only the residents of my ward but for all of Falkirk, Stirling and Fife.”

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  1. Andy Fox says:

    An issue that definitely needs highlighted. It can have serious consequences for local people as well as potentially for industry. Imagine if we had tremors in Grangemouth as they did in Blackpool? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

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