SNP Call For Independent Investigation Into Refuse Collection Service Shambles

Falkirk Council’s opposition SNP Group has called for an independent investigation into the management of recent changes in the Refuse Collection Service that has seen hundreds of complaints flooding into the council.

The Nationalists are concerned that the shambles the service has become will be used as a ready excuse by the Labour / Tory coalition running the council to privatise bin collections when the tendering exercise suspended just prior to the election recommences in October this year.

The SNP point to a series of blunders such as,


  • Entire communities receiving the wrong information on collection days.
  • Collection times and days being changed without contacting the affected householders.
  • Weekly collections being changed to fortnightly with no forward planning or consultation with residents.
  • The numbers of reported missed bins rocketing.
  • Failure to collect missed bins within stated timetables when reported.
  • Failure to consult with such as Sheltered Housing Staff over the changes leaving many complexes with inadequate facilities for a fortnightly collection.
  • Failure to return calls when promised to angry householders.

Now the SNP want spending watchdog, Audit Scotland brought into the council and a special meeting of the council’s Environmental Committee to allow opposition Councillors the opportunity to question service managers and ruling politicians.

SNP Environmental spokesperson, Cllr Steven Jackson said,

Either this Labour / Tory Administration have taken incompetence to new levels or there is another agenda at work here.

 There is no doubt that public confidence in the service is at an all time low, management is so bad that many may feel the private sector could not be any worse than what we have.

 It wouldn’t take a confirmed cynic to conclude that this has been the agenda all along, how else can they explain the complete ineptitude of the management of this service.

 What we need is an independent investigation into this shambles that is still unfolding before us.

 Its time that the council brought in Audit Scotland to bring independent scrutiny to the process before it’s too late to save the service.

 We are also calling for a special meeting of the council’s Environmental Committee to allow elected members the opportunity to question not only the political administration on their shambles but also the senior managers of this department.”


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2 Responses to SNP Call For Independent Investigation Into Refuse Collection Service Shambles

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    The 1st fortnight of the changeover was definitely a shambles. Information on the changes was not received in my street until nearly two weeks after implementation. Buckets left out on the usual Friday were not emptied on the Monday as promised so they were lying almost a week before eventually being emptied. One of my neighbours works in the department and even he hadn’t a clue when the bins were going to be emptied. The workers are not to blame but this shambles of a Unionsit/UFO alliance.

    • Joe Bruce says:

      My neighbour who works for the department put his glass bottle crate out on Monday along with the buckets. It still has not been lifted.

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