Pro-Labour Line Of Falkirk Herald Criticised

A two page article that appeared in the Falkirk Herald on 7th June has been described as “free advertising for the Labour Party and lacking in balance” as the Falkirk Herald, once again shows its political colours.

The article, written by chief reporter, Jill Buchanan, allows leader of the Labour / Tory alliance running Falkirk Council, Craig Martin, to make a series of questionable claims unchallenged.

Amongst the propaganda carried by the Falkirk Herald is the repeated claim by the Labour Leader that they have a mandate despite the fact Labour came 2nd in terms of first preference votes, 38% to the SNP’s 41%.

Martin is also allowed to claim that residents of all ages have benefitted from the last five years of Labour and Tory coalition despite the fact his administration has slashed services and introduced some of the most punitive charges for essential services ever seen in Falkirk.

Despite the paper being full of tales of woe on the refuse collection failures of the council, there is no attempt to hold the council leader to account or even seek a political perspective on the Labour created crisis.

Amongst the questions that could and should have been asked to give the article some substance and journalistic credibility were:

  • What role do the Conservative Councillors play in policy making within the Administration?
  • When will the Administration honour its promise to implement the Living Wage first made three years ago?
  • Why should the next five years be so full of promise when the last five years have been marked by inertia?
  • When will the council leader address the concerns that exist over the manner in which the council’s Planning Committee is run?
  • Will the Labour / Tory alliance work with the SNP Government in its policies and programmes such as Town Centre Regeneration or will we see the continued isolationist stance taken?
  • Will the Administration fight the Tory Westminster cuts or will this be vetoed by the Tory members?

We have posted a link to the article below so that you can judge for yourself.



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One Response to Pro-Labour Line Of Falkirk Herald Criticised

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    It’s no surprise that Jill Buchanan has written such an article. She was always been close to Dennis Goldie in the past and that hasn’t changed over the years.

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