Labour just can’t help themselves

Cecil Meiklejohn

In the week that the people of Oldham went to the polls to elect an MP after the previous labour MP for the area was booted out of office by the courts for telling lies about his political opponents local Labour worthy, Dennis Goldie, demonstrated that lessons have not been learned.

A letter to households from Labour candidate for Falkirk West, Dennis Goldie, he claimed that “If Labour win the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May we will make sure that everyone in the public sector gets paid at least £7.15 per hour. That means thousands of people working for councils, the NHS and other employers would see a boost in their weekly income.”

Mr Goldie goes onto claim that the SNP and the Tories have voted against such a policy in the past.

What Mr Goldie fails to inform readers is that all NHS staff already earn at least £7.15 per hour as the SNP Government has done what Labour controlled Falkirk Council has refused to and implemented the policy.

Said SNP Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn who received one of Mr Goldie’s letters through the post,

“ Mr Goldie is fully aware that the SNP Government have already implemented the £7.15 an hour living wage for public sector workers such as NHS employees within their power to do so and yet he repeats the lie.

He would also be aware that it was the SNP that brought a motion to Falkirk Council on 22 November 2010 calling for the Labour / Tory council Administration to match the SNP Government’s commitment to low pay, a motion defeated by Mr Goldie’s New Labour colleague and their Tory partners.

The facts clearly do not suit the campaign being run by New Labour locally and so the facts are being ignored.

Mr Goldie has a responsibility to campaign honestly within the constituency and with Labour planning massive tax hikes in such as the council tax without inventing false statements.”

Falkirk West SNP MSP, Michael Matheson added,

“”I am amazed that New Labour would seek to mislead people on this issue. New Labours track record speaks for itself, when they opposed the SNP proposal for a living wage.

Actions speak louder than word and when it comes to New Labour in Falkirk they have failed to take the necessary action to implement a living wage policy. No wonder few people believe a word they say”

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