Labour Lord Forced To Retract Scare Story On NATO Membership

Labour-peer Lord George Robertson has been forced to ‘eat his words’
over claims that an independent Scotland would have to keep nuclear
weapons to remain part of NATO – after it emerged he was contradicting
his own previous assurances.The former NATO Secretary General was reminded of his own remarks
during a speech to the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations in
2001, in which he said: “In the Founding Act NATO committed itself to
the famous three nuclear “no’s” – no intention, no plan and no reason
to establish nuclear weapon storage sites on the territory of the new
members – a commitment still valid.”

Commenting, SNP MP Angus MacNeil – who has co-sponsored a resolution
updating SNP defence policy to be debated at the party’s annual
conference in October – said:

“It is no surprise that George Robertson has been made to eat his own
words on Scotland’s defence prospects – he is after all the man who
predicted that the Scottish Parliament would kill the SNP stone-dead.

“Lord Robertson is first and foremost a very loyal Labour politician,
but it is important that the debate on Scotland’s constitutional
future is not reduced to partisan scaremongering.

“With agreement on the withdrawal of Trident and retaining the
important role of the UN, Scotland can continue working with
neighbours and allies within NATO.”

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