Rally Call For A Better Society With Independence

Falkirk Council SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn was the guest speaker at the annual William Wallace Society commemoration of the first Battle of Falkirk.

In a stirring speech Councillor Meiklejohn invoked the spirit of William Wallace for the 2014 YES campaign when Scotland has the opportunity to reclaim its independence for the first time since the country was sold out by corrupt Scottish lords in 1707.

In her first public engagement since becoming the leader of the 13 strong SNP Group Cllr Meiklejohn said.

The ordinary people of Scotland flocked to William Wallace’s banner because Wallace stood for social justice as well as national freedom. That is why ordinary Scots were prepared to join his army and why Wallace scared the Scottish Lords as much as he did their English equivalent.

 In ten short years the Scottish Parliament has become the focus for these principals seven hundred years after the death of William Wallace.

 Public Healthcare based on need rather than the ability to pay and free Further Education demonstrate traditional Scottish values are prime examples of the difference in attitudes between the London and Scottish Governments.

 If this can be achieved with the limited powers of devolution imagine how much could be achieved when our parliament has the full powers of a fully sovereign independent parliament.

 There will be fears and smears from the Unionists and just as in 1298, some who profess to be Scots will place their vested interests before the interests of our people.

 We will be told that our nation is to small to be independent and our people to stupid to accept the responsibility of self government, both lies and both insults to the people of our country.

 By contrast 2014 will see a positive vision for not only our country but also our society from those of us who have faith in the Scottish people.

Each and every one of us can be and must be a leader within our individual communities between now and polling day 2014 to ensure what is positive defeats the negative and that our society is changed for the better.”

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