Welcome Support For Service Veterans From SNP

New advice and specialist information for healthcare workers and armed forces veterans will help to improve the care received by Scotland’s veterans. A new Healthcare Providers Awareness leaflet has been launched to help to ensure that health workers are able to identify veterans.

Making sure that veterans are known to health workers is an important part of ensuring that they are able to access specialist services through the NHS, including priority treatment for Service related conditions where needed. Additionally a separate source of information, the Veteran Healthcare Guide which is available online, will offer advice on physical and mental recovery and information on specific health concerns directly to veterans.

News that a new Healthcare Service is to be set up in Scotland to assist veterans from the armed services (see press release below) has been welcomed by SNP Councillor for Bo’ness, Sandy Turner.

Cllr Turner who was himself a serving soldier for 24 years before getting into local politics said,

“When you are serving in the armed services the nature of the job means that you are often separated from every day responsibilities and tasks.

This means that when you become a civilian the changes are often difficult to deal with which is why so many former service personnel struggle to deal with every day issues when they leave the cocoon that the armed services are.

I would therefore welcome the initiative introduced by the SNP Government through the NHS as Healthcare is probably top of the list of priorities for veterans, particularly those who have served in the various areas of conflict these past few years.”

Cllr Turner was equally scathing of the treatment of current serving soldiers, sailors and Airforce personnel by the current UK Government.

“Many of the troops currently serving in the front line in Afghanistan are having to contend with not only the daily threat to their lives but also the prospect of redundancy in the current round of UK Government cuts and mergers.

In anyone’s language that is a disgrace and both the current Tory / Liberal government and the previous Labour Administration who began the cuts should hang their heads in shame.”


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