Labour MP Told To Mind His Own Business On Referendum Demands

Linlithgow and East Falkirk Labour MP, Michael Connarty has been advised to mind his own business after he wrote to all 13 SNP Councillors demanding to know their views on the forthcoming Independence Referendum.

In his letter to the individual members of the Falkirk Council SNP Group and copied to the local press Mr Connarty said,

“I am firmly of the view that being part of the UK is in Scotland’s best interests, I am equally sure you will disagree with me and I fully respect your right to hold these views.

Against that background I am keen to gain cross party agreement on the referendum process, particularly whether their should be a single question or multi option ballot..

Mr Connarty goes onto outline his own preference for a single question ballot and seeks the views on the matter from the SNP Councillors.

Responding to Mr Connarty SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn said,

 “The Scottish Government held a comprehensive consultation on the issue and so I don’t see the need for Mr Connarty to carry out a second and lesser consultation from his London office..

 There is no dubiety, SNP in Falkirk will be canvassing for a positive YES vote for independence  as only with independence can we have a more equal society and remove the monstrosity of nuclear weapons of mass destruction form our land.

 On the other hand, what will Michael Connarty be canvassing for?

  For example, will he be sharing a platform with David Cameron’s Tory Party, the Tory’s Liberal Party partners and the extreme right wing parties such as BNP and UKIP in the cross party NO campaign.?

 On the issue of whether there should be one question or two I would remind him that the last time there was a constitutional referendum held by the Labour Government in 1997 of which Michael Connarty was a part there were two questions on the ballot paper

 Every single opinion poll shows that the status quo is unacceptable to the people of Scotland. Mr Connarty should therefore be honest with the people and tell them what powers he would support being transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

 Or that front Mr Connarty’s silence on the issue leads me to conclude that he has more in common with David Cameron than the likes of his former Labour colleague, Dennis Canavan.”

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3 Responses to Labour MP Told To Mind His Own Business On Referendum Demands

  1. David Alexander says:

    Michael is a unionist through and through, he would rather have a Tory Government in London cutting services than a pro-public sector Scottish Government. His letter is nothing more than a publicity stunt and Cecil has dealt with the matter well.

  2. Does this man Connarty not respect the ballot box,and its anonymity?
    Just another Labour bully who thinks he and his ilk have the right to be in charge,not any more sonny.

    • Joe Bruce says:

      He certainly is a bully. I remember him when he was the leader of Stirling District Council. He found out I had got a job there and tried to bully my boss into giving me the sack just because I was a member of the SNP. Nothing really canges.

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