Community Gain By SNP Councillor’s Campaign

Falkirk South Councillor, Colin Chalmers of the SNP has welcomed a change of heart from council officials after a successful campaign to have an unsightly earth bund in Hallglen removed and subsequently the area flattened and grassed

The bund was formed by contractors who built the new council houses at Shetland Place. Housing officials intended to grass over the bund but this angered local residents who approached Cllr Chalmers who immediately took up the matter with town hall bosses.

A site meeting was arranged by the SNP Councillor where Housing Officials heard first hand the strong views being expressed by the local community in opposition to the council’s proposals.

A subsequent residents survey conducted by Housing staff resulted in all respondents rejecting the council’s proposals and supporting the option proposed by Cllr Chalmers to level the area, grass it and allow the community to use it as an open space play area.

In a letter dated 24 July addressed to the Councillor local Housing Manger, Lynne Dougall said,

“I would advise that the survey results show that all respondents state that they are in favour of the mound being levelled across the open ground area and grassed.

I am currently seeking a timescale for this work and will notify you of this once this is available.”

A delighted Cllr Chalmers welcomed the change of heart and said,

I would like to thank Lynne Dougall and her staff for not only listening to the case put by both myself and the residents but also putting in motion change quickly.

 This is excellent news for everyone in Hallglen, a community who had been feeling ignored and put upon given the council contractors caused the mound and the previous reluctance to clear up the mess they created.

What Hallglen lacks is safe areas for local kids to play and this is an ideal opportunity for the council to meet some of that need by doing a proper job in levelling the site then re-seeding the area to a high standard

 I will be monitoring this development very closely and will be asking to meet the officials on site just before works commence to get over the importance of these works to the local community.”

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4 Responses to Community Gain By SNP Councillor’s Campaign

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Well done Colin! Hope you can sort out the problems in Camelon, Tamfourhill and Bantaskine just as quickly; particularly bus services like the 27 and 4a which go places where they don’t need to go or avoid places where they would be of better service.

    • Bryan says:

      I dont think even Colin can manage to sort the buses, the new route the 27 takes is annoying, and I stopped taking that bus as its quicker waiting for another bus. The whole bus network in Falkirk needs a shakeup maybe as a joint all the SNP councillors can pester First for this to happen, they used to claim on there site that the offer First Class Travel, but they have seemed to have removed it.

      • Joe Bruce says:

        First class travel? They are having a laugh. The 4a was re-routed to taked Tesco at the request of Gerry Goldie. As one taxi driver said to me “you can get the bus to Tesco but not to the doctor’s any more”. If the 27 went over lock 16 instead of via the Beefeater it would capture passengers from the Windsor Road area and the Union Road area, the latter of which lost their bus service when Tesco arrived. Most people who do not live near Camelon Main Street have to take 2 buses to FVRH. Re-routing this bus over lock 16 would assist quite a number of us.

  2. Colin Chalmers says:

    First Bus have failed to acknowledge the last 2 letters i’ve sent in recent weeks, shows what you are up against. A stern phonecall might be required i think!

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