SNP begin 2011 on the front foot

Angus MacDonald

With the last two opinion polls of 2010 showing increased support for the SNP and independence and the news that SNP membership is up 4% to over 16,300 members means the SNP go into the Scottish Parliamentary elections on the front foot.

The first showed support for independence soaring to 40% closing in on the 44% opposed. These figures in October were 31% for and 46% against showing that confidence is growing within the Scottish people.

The second, an Angus Reid Opinion Poll commissioned to determine Westminster voting intentions shows SNP support for up 14% to 34%.

The full result of the Angus Reid poll is as follows.

December party ratings; November poll in brackets; General Election figures in square brackets.

SNP: 34% (25) [20]
Lab: 42% (38) [42]
Con: 11% (20) [16]
Lib Dem: 6% (8) [19]

Falkirk East Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Cllr Angus MacDonald said,

“The media are doing their best to talk down the SNP’s prospects but the people of Scotland keep proving them wrong.

With Labour offering nothing but negativity and a record of criminal negligence while in office people are becoming even more enthused with the SNP’s record in government.

We therefore go into May’s elections not only in good heart but confident of increasing the number of SNP MSP’s in Holyrood.”

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