SNP Hit Out At Anti Independence Actions Of UK Government.

Stewart Hosie MP

Commenting on news that the UK Government is planning to open a Treasury office in Scotland with purpose of spreading anti-independence rhetoric, SNP Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie said:

The Treasury currently employ not a single person in Scotland – it is disgraceful that they should be spending yet more public money trying to stop the people of Scotland voting for independence, when George Osborne should be doing everything he can to reverse the deep recession that the Tory/Lib Dem Treasury is responsible for.

“The disastrous job-destroying policies of the Tory/Lib Dem Treasury is a perfect illustration of exactly why Scotland needs to secure job-creating powers with independence.”

Region                Headcount  %

North West         0         0

North East         0         0

Yorkshire and the Humber         0         0

West Midlands         0         0

East Midlands         0         0

East of England         40         3

London         1,300         97

South East         0         0

South West         0         0

Scotland         0         0

Wales         0         0

Northern Ireland         0         0

Overseas         0         0

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One Response to SNP Hit Out At Anti Independence Actions Of UK Government.

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Just goes to show how desparate these people are getting. How Joanne Lament, Rude Davidson, David Muddle, Anus Sarwar and the nonentities in the LibDems can sleep at night is a mystery to me.

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