Falkirk Losing Out In Jobs Front

Falkirk Council SNP spokesperson for Economic Development, Cllr Martin Oliver, has accused his Labour counterpart, Dennis Goldie, of taking his eye of the ball in the fight to create new jobs in order to fight a dogmatic internal battle with the current private sector company established to assist small businesses, “Falkirk For Business”

 Earlier this summer the Labour / Tory administration of Falkirk Council narrowly won a vote to take the service offered by Falkirk For Business, and their funding from the Scottish Government, in-house despite the opposition from the SNP and the wider business community.

Opponents of the action pointed to the success of Falkirk for Business who exceeded all targets and was one of the UK’s top performing Business Support Agencies.

 Now in an article that appeared in the Business Section of a national broadsheet Falkirk is making all the wrong headlines.

 Councillor Oliver said,

 “At a time when we need all agencies and sectors working together to create employment opportunities and get us out of this recession Falkirk Council is blowing up bridges rather than building them.

 It is clear that Mr Goldie and his Labour and Tory colleagues are all out of step with everyone else which is worrying.

 What we need at this time is the message going out that everyone is pulling together but clearly that is not what people are reading in the national press. What they are reading is that Falkirk Council has an Administration that is isolationist and overbearing, hardly qualities designed to attract private sector business to the area.

 Its time for Falkirk Council to recognise that we work better when we work together and end their 1970’s style politics of requiring to control everything from the centre. If they don’t they will be failing the people of Falkirk district at the very time they need a level of common sense and maturity from their politicians.”

 Link to Sunday Herald article,  http://www.heraldscotland.com/business/company-news/storm-brewing-over-falkirks-plan-to-take-over-business-gateway.18255555



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