SNP Membership On The Up While Liberal Democtrat’s Collapse

Commenting on the publication of party accounts by the Electoral Commission today (Thursday) which reveals that the Liberal Democrats have suffered a 25% drop in UK party membership in one year – from 65,038 in 2010 to 48,934 members at end of 2011 – SNP Councillor, Steven Carleschi contrasted the collapse with a 24% increase in SNP membership over the same period. SNP membership has since risen by a further 16 per cent to 23,376 members as at 30 June.

Councillor Carleschi said:

“The growth of the SNP continues at pace with membership more than doubled in the last six years and showing no sign of slowing down.

This is most welcome as we head towards the 2014 referendum as the stronger the SNP is the stronger the YES campaign will be.

The increase in SNP membership nationally is also being reflected locally with a healthy influx of fresh talent into the party in the Falkirk area.

Compare this to the positions of the other parties.

The recent Scotsman poll showed that the Scottish people don’t trust them and no wonder. Their pact with the Tories both locally and nationally has alienated their own grass roots and the recently established Labour for Independence group is testimony to this.

As for the LibDems, they couldn’t field a single candidate in Falkirk District in Mays elections and now we know it is because their membership is collapsing.

They have lost the support of the electorate and are being punished because of their pact with the Tories; the warning is there for Labour.”

“The Lib Dems have become a non-entity in the Scottish political arena
and it is little wonder so many of their former supporters are turning
towards the SNP – putting our membership in Scotland at half the
number the LibDems have UK-wide!”

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2 Responses to SNP Membership On The Up While Liberal Democtrat’s Collapse

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    The LibDems were never strong in the Falkirk are but at least they were able to give those who wanted to vote for them that opportunity in the past. Now they cant even field 9 candidates in the council elections. A classic case of what can happen if you abandon long held policies and principles.

  2. As a member of and on for many years,I can should feel pleased that an opposition party looks like becoming defunct,but no I feel a tinge of sadness.I also like to believe that “opposition parties” should be contributing in a positive manner,and the reason for the demise of the Lib-Dems,is due to them being a negative party seeming to follow the Labour party,the most negative party of them all.As long as we are positive and show that by being positive our country will become free and successful because YES YES YES we can.

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