MacDonald calls for Peattie to distance herself from Labour campaign

Angus MacDonald

Falkirk East Prospective Parliamentary candidate, Cllr Angus MacDonald has called on local Labour MSP, Cathy Peattie, to distance herself from the Labour campaign to undermine moral within the local NHS.

Labour after their Health spokesperson used New Year’s Day to boast about their campaign to undermine morale in the NHS during the winter months.

In a carbon copy of a campaign launched by Labour’s UK Shadow Health Minister, Jackie Baillie instructing her Labour colleagues in November to act as ambulance chasers around Scotland’s NHS this winter instead of supporting our doctors, nurses and paramedics at their most challenging time of year.

The campaign launched in England and circulated around the Labour party includes sample letters and freedom of information requests for NHS boards, a draft local press release which has been copied by Jackie Baillie and letters to unions designed to undermine the confidence of staff in the preparations they have made. (Examples from
the Labour “winter watch briefing pack” are below.)

Cllr MacDonald said,:

“This is utterly despicable behaviour by Jackie Baillie and the Labour party who are playing politics with local hard working NHS staff and undermining morale at the busiest time of year. Using individual unverifiable anecdotes to create a distorted universal impression just sums up how low the Labour party will stoop to scaremonger.

Cathy Peattie must either accept the attack on the NHS staff by her spokesperson or publicly distance herself from the increasingly embittered Labour Party, hiding is no longer and option.”

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