Confusing Nature of Unit Pricing Must be Changed

Angus MacDonald MSP

Angus MacDonald MSP is asking local residents to write in with examples of confusing unit pricing they’ve come across while shopping.

It’s part of a move to support the Price Marking Consumer Information Bill making its way through Parliament. The Bill is co-sponsored by SNP MP Mike Weir and Lib Dem Jo Swinson and has the support of the consumer organisation Which?.

The unit price is the price per Kg, litre, 100g etc. of a product and is provided to help shoppers compare prices between like-for-like products of different sizes where a direct comparison may not be straightforward, e.g. a 600g jar of mayonnaise for £3.49 compared to a 400g jar for £2.50.

The aim of the Bill is to make it easier to work out which product is the cheapest. It calls for:

– The unit price to be prominent and easy to read.

– The use of consistent units across the board.

– The unit price to be shown for items when they’re bought as part of a promotion.

Commenting, Angus said:

“We’re building a case against silly pricing and daft deals.

“Any constituents who come across examples of this can write to me in my constituency office or send me an email at

“They should also show support by signing the pledge at”

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