Absence of Leadership as Davidson More Visible Than Lamont

The contrast between Johann Lamont’s summer of silence and the high-profile outbursts of Ian Davidson, one of her MPs, has seriously undermined her credibility as leader.

One of the key issues of the summer where Johann Lamont has been posted missing has been the future of Trident. Ian Davidson has previously been unequivocal in his opposition to nuclear weapons while Johann Lamont’s silence has been deafening, having repeatedly refused to make her views clear.

Ian Davidson has also been mired in controversy during the summer over his inexplicable accusations of bias at Newsnight Scotland, behaviour that Johann Lamont failed to comment on let alone condemn. The contrast between the two figures has raised questions over who is really leading the Labour party in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said: “While Johann Lamont has been in hiding over the summer, Ian Davidson could scarcely have been more visible, albeit rarely for the right reasons.

“His behaviour only serves to highlight the bizarre leadership style of Johann Lamont which seems to involve turning tail at the first sign she might have to voice an opinion.

“It is a strange state of affairs when the most visible Labour politician in Scotland over the summer has been Ian Davidson.

“While I may not agree with him on much, his opposition to Trident at least is entirely correct.

“Unlike Johann Lamont, Ian Davidson has at least taken a stance on this issue, although how he can square his opposition to Trident with his opposition to giving the Scottish Parliament the powers to take action on it is something only he can answer.

“It is completely unacceptable that weapons of mass destruction are housed on the Clyde and the only way Scotland will be able to remove them is with the normal powers of an independent country.”

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