Poll Shows Level Of Mistrust of London Parties


Details of today’s ICM poll show that people in Scotland believe that Westminster government and politicians of all three anti-independence parties are doing a worse job than people in any other part of the UK.

The net disapproval ratings for the Westminster coalition government are minus 24% across Great Britain compared to a huge minus 38% in Scotland. David Cameron’s disapproval ratings are minus 12% across Great Britain compared to minus 34% in Scotland; George Osborne’s are minus 32% to minus 62%; and Nick Clegg’s are minus 26% to minus 34%.

The Labour opposition leaders in Westminster fare little better with their leader Ed Miliband at minus 13% across Great Britain compared to minus 28% in Scotland; and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls at minus 8% in Great Britain and minus 30% in Scotland.

The poll breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP running at 43% to 36% for Labour.

Commenting, Bo’ness SNP Councillor Ann Ritchie  said:

“The Scottish people are no fools and have the measure of the  anti independence parties.

“These poll figures demonstrate how little trust there is of the Westminster leaders in Scotland and are a real boost for those of us who believe decisions taken about Scotland should be taken in Scotland.

“As we have seen with recent news on exams and student numbers Scotland is making the right decisions whilst the Westminster government is failing.

As we head into the most important decision Scots have faced in 300 years, we do so with the encouragement that those who would deny us the right to self determination are so mistrusted by Scots.

In contrast when decisions are made in Scotland we strike a chord with the people we represent, decisions such as:

  • Record numbers of police officers
  • keeping Scotland’s NHS firmly in public hands
  • free prescriptions
  • Investment in jobs

The poll is also very good news for the SNP in terms of voting intentions despite the constant negativity towards us by the unionist media.”

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