Following reports in the Scottish Sun that the plug was pulled on Labour MSP, Neil Bibby’s website due a poll showing overwhelming support for independence, a SNP MSP has raised questions of the Labour Party’s relationship with the Internet.

This follows the Labour Party in Scotland continuing to make the factually incorrect claim they are Scotland’s largest political party – despite having less members and beaten in the last two elections in Scotland by the SNP – and the embarrassment of Tom Harris MP having to leave his post of Cyber Tsar following his creation and posting of online abuse.

Falkirk West MSP, Michael Matheson said,

“Labour can kid themselves but they cant kid the people the way they used to.

 In terms of paid up members Labour have been in decline for many years both locally and throughout the rest of Scotland.

 Not only that but they have lost the last two elections in 2011 and 2012 to the SNP whose membership and popularity continues to grow.

 Perhaps if Labour leaders weren’t in denial over the unpopularity of their practice of talking down the people then they could engage in a more positive manner with those of us with more confidence in the abilities of our people.”

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