Labour Split On Council House Allocation Policy

Falkirk Council Labour leader, Cllr Craig Martin, had to rely on the support of Tory Councillor John Patrick, at the council’s Policy and Resources Committee after one of the Labour Councillors, Rosemary Murray sided with the SNP who had called for a review of the council’s housing allocations policy.

SNP Group Leader Cecil Meiklejohn, who moved the SNP amendment welcomed the support of Cllr Murray and said this was proof of widespread dissatisfaction within the council in aspects of the allocation system.

Said Cllr Meiklejohn,

What the SNP amendment said, was that the Housing Allocations policy could be improved and was due for a review.

 It was a constructive and reasonable request and I am delighted that Cllr Murray recognised that and had the courage to vote with her conscience. It is a pity that she is the only free thinker within the administration.

 Talk to members of all political persuasions privately and they tell me they are unhappy with the allocations system yet the bulk of the administration including the two Tories and Billy Buchanan, are prepared to vote down the only opportunity to review and amend the allocation policy and that is a real shame.”

 The vote at the Policy & Resources Committee was tied at 4 – 4 with Craig Martin then using his casting vote to defeat his own vice convenor Cllr Murray, in what turned into a comic book farce.

The matter will now be carried forward to the full meeting of Falkirk Council that takes place on 26th September, when all eyes will be on the Labour benches to see if Rosie Murray is whipped back into line or whether she continuse to vote with her conscience.”

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3 Responses to Labour Split On Council House Allocation Policy

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Is this the same Rosie Murray who came 5th in a 3 horse race? Hope for her sake the men in grey suits don’t decide she’s very lucky to be on the council.

  2. brian mccabe says:

    You’ve got to feel sorry for Rosie here, Cecil. She is obviously extremely uncomfortable at some of the draconian measures she is being asked to vote through with her alleged socialist colleagues/Con partners/Maverick bedfellows. Isn’t Rosie a Social Worker of some sort? I seem to recollect that description from the Labour blogs when she was parachuted in to replace Michael Connarty’s daughter who disappeared off to Oz, 5 minutes after being announced as candidate for the Braes.
    I watched Rosie at the P&R meeting on the 7th when Craig Martin & John Patrick hailed the £3m underspend as, “… something for which we should be congratulated.” Well, you would say that, you’re a Tory after all.
    Rosie looked absolutely mortified when she heard you rhyme off the extensive cuts being made to the Community Care budget by this Labour/Maverick/Con triumvirate. Waiting lists being extended; MECS appointments taking 12-18 months due to staff shortages/cut backs; etc, etc.; and they had a huge underspend. I thought even at this early juncture she may have voted with her conscience and opposed the motion.
    So give her a bit of slack Cecil.
    Tell you what. I’ll have a bet that when it goes to Full Council she sticks to her guns and votes against the Administration. I’ll buy you a coffee & biscuit if she doesn’t.

  3. Cecil Meiklejohn says:

    Sadly Brian, I think she will have been shown the error of her ways by her Labour colleagues and will be whipped to vote with the administrations motion. That is very unfortunate as she voted for what was right for her constituents, and had the courage that none of the rest have, many have privately shared their dissatisfaction with the Housing Allocations Policy but will not make a stand. So I say well done to Rosie!
    So be ready with the coffee and biscuits.

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