Labour & Tories Admit to 15 Years Of Cuts To Come Under Westminster Rule

In an astonishing admission Falkirk Council’s Labour / Tory Coalition have painted a picture of a further 15 years of cuts to council services if Scotland remains under the direct rule of Westminster.

The amazing own goal was contained in a report considered by the Policy & Resources Committee into the use of the council’s record breaking £13m of reserves.

Committee members heard from council leader, Craig Martin (Labour) who justified the breach of the council’s own policy of retaining a maximum of £10m reserves, by claiming there was “worse to come” before outlining cuts such as a £4m annual hit on the council’s pension scheme being planned by the UK government.

However, it was the claim in the report that residents face another 15 years of austerity under projected Westminster spending plans.

Grangemouth SNP Councillor, David Balfour, who sits on the Policy & Resources Committee said.

“So now we have the truth of it, we face a further 15 years of cuts if the No campaign get their way in 2014 and leave us under the heel of Westminster.

Given the impact of the current round of cuts on the most vulnerable you fear for what type of society we will have in 15 years time.

 Survival of the fittest is not the Scottish way but with a continued attack on the funding of public services planned until the year 2027 then many of our communities will become like jungles.

 However, what was particularly unpalatable was that the council leader could not criticise the Tory Government because Labour have a formal alliance with the Tories within Falkirk Council. This means the only opposition to Tory policy diktat comes not from the council leaders but from the SNP opposition.

 Of course it doesn’t have to be this way.

 Scotland has 8.4% of the UK population but produces 9.6% of the UK taxation income according to the UK government’s own figures (GERS).

 An independent Scotland using this surplus to eradicate poverty, deal with inequality and deliver a balanced society stands in contrast to the 15 years of cuts we face under the Labour and Tory vision of Westminster cuts under Westminster rule.”



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    At last, smoenoe comes up with the “right” answer!

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