Chance Of A Review Of Housing Allocation Policy Lost As Rosie Performs U-Turn

The chance of a review of Falkirk Council’s Housing Allocation Policy flew out the window when the Labour Councillor for the Braes, Rosie Murray, performed a spectacular U-turn and voted with her colleagues to deny the review of a policy that has been widely criticised since its introduction two years ago.

As expected Cllr Murray fell back into line behind the Labour / Tory whips after she had voted for an SNP motion at committee to review the policy.

However, the Labour Councillor attracted ridicule for her claim that she had been “mislead” by the SNP at committee and hadn’t realised that the SNP motion would delay the implementation of a policy that was actually implemented two years ago.

Staggering from one blunder to the next Councillor Murray claimed she had been attacked for voting with the SNP, although did not indicate from which side of the chamber the attacks emanated.

Commenting on the U-turn and performance of Councillor Murray SNP Housing Spokesperson, Cllr David Alexander said.

“Three times Rosie Murray stated she had not been coerced to perform her u-turn by her own side but I believe that Cllr Murray doth protest to much. It would be a very strange about turn indeed if the Labour whip did not have words with a Labour member who had voted against her own side.

 She may have got away with it had she not made the clearly ridiculous statement that she had been mislead by the SNP.

 If Councillor Murray was mislead by anyone it was by her own colleagues if she thought she would be allowed to either think for herself or represent the best interests of her constituents.

 Instead of having a free thinker, the comment described as an attack on Councillor Murray by Labour leader, Craig Martin, we now have a cloned Labour member whose knee jerk reaction will always be to vote against SNP proposals, even if she agrees with them.”


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One Response to Chance Of A Review Of Housing Allocation Policy Lost As Rosie Performs U-Turn

  1. brian says:

    Hmm! This politics game is costing me money. I now owe Mrs Meiklejohn a coffee and biscuit. I thought that Rosie had shown a deep rooted care for the socially underprivileged when she looked seriously uncomfortable on hearing of the ‘efficiency’ underspend of the council (3 million quid) at the expense of our social services. She followed this up by voting with the opposition on Housing Allocation Policy. It seemed to illustrate a genuine concern for the vulnerable of our society.
    So shame on you SNP harridans for misleading Cllr Murray. If it hadn’t have been for your despicable behaviour I am sure Cllr Murray would have held her position and voted for the policy review. The very idea that Labour whips would have ‘called her in’ simply because she voted against the party line. How could you?
    So, I’ll buy Mrs Meiklejohn that coffee, but I do with heavy heart – and lighter pockets. I thought she’d have held her welfare background. Obviously not.
    Any chance I could tap you for a fiver, David?

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