Benefit Cuts & Council Tax Hikes With Falkirk Labour

Just a few weeks after Falkirk Council Labour Group threw their weight behind the UK Tory Government’s Welfare cuts a senior Labour Councillor has called for a hike in Council Tax bills for hard pressed families.

Former council leader, Linda Gow, stunned delegates to local government umbrella group, COSLA, with a speech that included a call for the SNP Government to abandon the freeze on Council Tax bills that has saved the average Falkirk family over £300 per year.

With Labour leader in Scotland, Joanne Lamont, setting up her very own Commission to cut services and benefits the latest outburst  from a senior Councillor is further proof that Labour are seeking to outdo the Tories in the austerity front.

If Mrs Gow got her way then Falkirk Council would lose its share of the additional £70m the government pay to local authorities each year to keep Council Tax bills down, in Falkirk’s case a loss of just below £3m. The impact of this action would be for Council Tax bills to rise by 3% just to make up for lost grants.

With Labour also calling for the reintroduction of Prescription Charges for the sick, Tuition Fees for students and an end to Free Personal Care for the elderly the biggest single biggest threat to society comes from Labour rather than the Tories.

Falkirk Council’s SNP delegate to COSLA, David Alexander said,

Falkirk Council’s under spend for last year was the equivalent of a 4% increase in the Council Tax rate and yet Labour still want to screw more from families already under pressure in these difficult times.

 The lack of any kind of empathy for those struggling to make a living at this point in time whether they be young people looking for an education or elderly people seeking security in their old age Labour have abandoned them.

 The demand for a rise in Council Tax bills will come as a final straw for many Labour supporters disillusioned with the continued drift to the right by New Labour but comes as a further indicator that it is the SNP who are on the side of ordinary people.”




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2 Responses to Benefit Cuts & Council Tax Hikes With Falkirk Labour

  1. Brian says:

    Tell me this isn’t true. Tell me this is SNP spin. Tell me a senior member of Falkirk Council’s Labour Party has not asked to increase Council Taxes when she’d heard from our Welfare teams that they are going to have to force families to pay £1.2m in increased housing costs while their benefits are being cut. Tell me this isn’t true. Tell me!

    • David Alexander says:

      It is not only true but not a surprise as all. In the years I have been a member of Falkirk Council Labour have never considered the general public only themselves.

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