A Second Labour Councillor Talks Gaelic Down

A second Labour Councillor has claimed Gaelic is “a dead language” despite the fact Falkirk Council has a policy of promoting the language.

Last month the Labour Councillor for the Upper Braes, John McLuckie questioned the council’s Gaelic Policy even though there is clear evidence the language is being taught in more forums than ever before.

Now Education Convenor, the man assigned with the responsibility of implementing council policies, Alan Nimmo, stunned the Education Committee by supporting his Labour colleague’s view of the language and effectively thumbing his nose at the council’s policy. The admission of Councillor Nimmo came at the end of a grilling from the SNP’s  Education spokesperson, Gordon Hughes who said,

“The Labour / Tory coalition are a shambles. First we had the chairman of the committee abusing his own policy for the promotion of Gaelic in an embarrassing show of contempt for groups such as the pupils of Kinnaird Primary School whose Gaelic Group have won awards as well as merited praise for the quality of their work.

Cllr Nimmo should hang his head in shame and apologise to these young people for his insult.

 If that comment wasn’t bad enough Alan Nimmo’s Tory partners claim that French and German were also dead languages brought rightful ridicule onto his head but what it does show is the unacceptable face of right wing British Nationalism.

SNP Committee member and Depute Group Leader, Steven Jackson followed up  by accusing the Labour member of being so wrapped up in trying to be British that all he is achieving is making himself out to be anti Scottish.

The final word went to one of the young Larbert High pupils who sit on the committee. Taking Nimmo to task she pointed out that she was learning Latin which was a dead language but found the lessons useful.

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2 Responses to A Second Labour Councillor Talks Gaelic Down

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    The provost wants to have a word with these people. It wasn’t so long ago that Falkirk was hosting the Mod and Pat Reid had a major part to play in the success of that. If we are ever to get such a high profile competition in the district again the comments of Nimmo and McLuckie won’t help us.

  2. Chas Mac Donald says:

    Well, there ya go. Labour councillors acting like bottom feeders. Perfectly happy to take on the Mod when it suits them for financial gain, but to blazes with the underlying principles. Until Scotland gets local and national politicians who have a can do and make things work attitude we’re going to suffer the same old nonsenses and impediments. Vote SNP, and get the power back, closer to home. Vote YES in the referendum, and get the ability to make decisions about our own lives and loves back in our own hands. Vote for anybody who sees a possibility, not a problem – you’ll most likely find yourself voting SNP by default!

    But finally … can somebody pass on the message that Gàidhlig is not dead. Unlike the old dinosaurs who peddle this litany of denigration and negativity.

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