SNP Leader Takes Labour To Task Over Intimidation

SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn has written to Labour Leader, Craig Martin, calling for action to be taken against the Convenor of Housing and Social Care Committee, Gerry Goldie after the Labour member repeatedly tried to force SNP Councillor into a position that would have been a breach of the Councillor’s Code of Conduct.

The issue arose during a debate on council housing when Cllr Chalmers asked the convenor if he would abide by the democratic decision of the Planning Committee. Goldie, the council’s longest serving member then turned on 21 year old Cllr Chalmers in an aggressive manner ignoring the advice being offered by the council lawyer who was frantically trying to prevent the maverick Labour member from further embarrassment.

However, Goldie persisted in his call for Cllr Chalmers who is a member of the Planning Committee to state how he would vote when the application comes back to committee.

When the highly experienced SNP Councillor, David Alexander intervened to point out that Goldie was asking Cllr Chalmers to breach the National Code of Conduct  the SNP member was threatened with expulsion from the chambers as council officials continued to try to influence their committee convenor.

Coolest head in the chambers was on the youngest pair of shoulders as Colin Chalmers laughed off the attack and politely declined Gerry Goldie’s invitation to breach the National Code of Conduct setting an example the Labour member would do well to emulate.

However, that was not enough for watching SNP leader Cecil Meiklejohn who said,

Councillor Goldie’s behaviour was a disgrace.

He was aggressive and confrontational towards SNP members for no reason other than blind hatred, a situation the SNP members of the committee coped with easily.

 However, the attempts to have the least experienced member of the committee breach the National Code of Conduct showed that there was no depth Cllr Goldie will not sink to.

 As leader of the council Craig Martin must accept responsibility for his colleague’s  behaviour and take action to curb this member’s excesses.

 It is one thing to debate in a robust manner, it is something else to seek to bully and intimidate to the extent that you deliberately push less experienced Councillors into a position where they could be in trouble with the Standards Commission.

 As the official opposition the SNP have a responsibility to hold the Labour / Tory Administration to account, that is democracy and yet it is a concept Labour seem unable to accept.”

 Cllr Chalmers added

I was surprised by the level of aggression shown by Cllr Goldie even after the council’s legal advisors backed up my position.

 However, if Labour’s longest serving Councillor feels he needs to adopt such underhand tactics with me then I will take that as a compliment although I will continue to rely on positive argument in preference to that I witnessed at this committee from the chair.”

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6 Responses to SNP Leader Takes Labour To Task Over Intimidation

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Don’t expect much from Craig Martin. He was nae guid when he “ran” a youth fitba association and I Don’t think much will have changed since then. Well done Colin. Keep up the good work.

  2. Lyndsey Emmett-Liddle says:

    Good on you Colin for not responding to the goading…The conduct of Mr Goldie does not surprise me in the slightest, he’s always been at best a contemptable bully so no change there then

  3. David Alexander says:

    I remember Willie Anderson telling me that the final straw for him leaving the Labour Group and crossing the floor to us as an Independent was the refusal of the Labour Group to take action against Gerry Goldie for voting against his own group. It seems that their is a two tier membership in the Labour Group. Joe, you are correct Craig is leader in name only.

  4. Curious Orange says:

    So has Craig come back and advised what sanctions he’s placed on Gerry Goldie for his inappropriate behaviour? If he doesn’t place any ‘whip’ on Mr Goldie than it shows 2 things.
    Weakness, and an unwillingness to tackle bullying. Always a worrying development, it means that bullying continues unchecked and will only get worse in the short term.
    Who’s actually in charge? If Gerry Goldie gets away with it, how long before he’s in for Craig Martin’s job?
    It’s interesting looking in on Labour’s housekeeping. Does Cllr Martin hold the support of Johann and her acolytes or,as I suspect, the Goldie faction is already undermining their council leader? Who’d want to be part of an organisation with such team spirit? Ha!

  5. Cecil Meiklejohn says:

    My letter has been acknowledged, and comments noted, which basically means that nothing will be done. Craig wants to keep his job therefore will do nothing to challenge either of the Goldie’s behaviour in council and they know it.

    • Curious Orange says:

      What is the point?
      Maligning people in council chambers? No Action.
      Bullying of junior members? No Action.
      Assaulting of Tom, Dick & Percy? No Action.
      What is the point of the Labour Party?
      “Carry On Regardless”, the new British comedy starring “Sid” Martin; “Hattie” Lamont; & Charles Hawtrey as “The Enforcer!” A genuine comedy-of-errors!

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