SNP Welcome New Poll Lead

The SNP is today welcoming a super poll which has a Scottish sample of 703 Scottish voters and shows the SNP hold a 6 point lead over Labour in Westminsterparliament voting intentions in Scotland.

The polling figures from a poll commissioned by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft show the SNP on 39% to Labour on 33%. In the 2010 general election the Labour lead was 22%, meaning the swing in favour of the SNP of 14% since the last UK general election.

Welcoming the poll, SNP Councillor, John McNally who was the SNP candidate for Falkirk in 2010 and who achieved the highest swing in any Scottish seat said:

This is a fantastic poll showing the real progress the SNP has made over recent years.

What is clear is that people are recognising that a Labour vote is a wasted vote in Scotland if England votes Tory. The fact we are being governed by a Tory Party that holds only one seat in Scotland highlights how ineffective Labour are when in comes to defending our people and public services.

 It also marks the beginning of the end of Labour’s Eric Joyce’s reign in this area. They may be desperately trying to distance themselves from him but the reality is that with a senior Labour Councillor and local party big wig manning his office Joyce remains firmly within the Labour camp in Falkirk.

 The strong polling for the SNP also demonstrates that the continued negativity of the London based parties is not cutting ice with the electorate who want a positive vision for the future.”

The polling figures for Lord Ashcroft’s latest poll show (with changes
from the 2010 election):

SNP 39% (+19.1%)
Labour 33% (-9.0%)
Tory 16% (-0.7%)
LibDem 6% (-12.9%)
Other 7% (+4.5%)

Fieldwork: 17th-28th October 2012. Samples – 8103 for the UK with 703
in Scotland.


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One Response to SNP Welcome New Poll Lead

  1. Curious Orange says:

    I always found it amusing that the Falkirk CLP were allegedly actively seeking the repayment of £3,000 they’d gifted to Eric Joyce to help with his election expenses (remember he’s regularly the most expensive MP we have) and they were struggling to get it back as Eric ignores their appeal. I always thought it strange that they didn’t say to May or Gerry, “Any chance when you’re working in EJ’s office you could ask him for our cash back?” I always thought it strange that 2 of his employees, CLP senior members, couldn’t quite bring themselves to ask for the return of the £3,ooo, or else resign from working for the errant and missing MP. I always thought that’s what you’d do. But then again I’m not surprised that EJ and the CLP are still as thick as thieves, I’m always amused at how they spin the truth.
    I’m always satisfied to see how their dubious behaviour impacts on their standing in the polls. This could prove the best £3grand the SNP never spent!

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