Angus MacDonald MSP Highlights New Figures Showing UK Paying Highest Rate of Fuel Taxes in Europe

Angus MacDonald MSP

New statistics from the European Commission have revealed that the UK takes the highest proportion of taxes from both petrol and diesel in the EU.

The figures show that tax represents 59.7% of petrol prices and 57.7% of diesel prices, a higher percentage than in any other EU country.

The SNP have repeatedly called for action to be taken to address sky-high fuel prices, including through the introduction of a fuel-duty regulator that would see increased Treasury receipts brought in from high oil prices used to fund a corresponding reduction to fuel duties.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Falkirk East Angus MacDonald said:

“High fuel prices hit households and businesses the length and breadth of Falkirk district, yet thanks to Westminster we face the highest rates of taxes on petrol and diesel in Europe.

“Those high fuel prices are a barrier to economic recovery and are driving up the cost not just of motoring, but of everything we buy in our day to day lives.

“High fuel prices also have a disproportionate effect on the budgets of households and businesses in rural areas, yet despite all of these facts the Scottish Government is prevented from taking action to address the situation.

“Decisions made at Westminster mean that Scots face paying the highest rate of taxes on fuel in Europe. Absolutely outrageous in an oil-rich nation.

“Those decisions on the levels of tax paid at the pump in Scotland should be made by people in Scotland and only a Yes vote in 2014 will secure the independent Scotland we need to give us that opportunity.”

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