Alexander Blasts Tory Ethos On Welfare Cuts

Former SNP leader of Falkirk Council, David Alexander, blasted what he described as “the nasty side of Falkirk Council’s Tory leadership” following a debate on Welfare Reform.

Reacting to a Tory amendment to an SNP motion opposing the cuts that sought to reverse this position to a supportive stance moved by the council’s Tory depute leader, Malcolm Nicol and seconded by Tory Depute Provost John Patrick, Cllr Alexander said,

Both Malcolm Nicol and John Patrick should hang their heads in shame after their ill thought through contributions to the debate in which they echoed their leader’s belief that those not in work are unproductive.

 That is an insult to those pensioners who worked all their lives, to those who, through no fault of their own find themselves temporarily out of work as well as those unable to work through disability.

 To dismiss these people as a burden on the taxpayers was both crass and not worthy of any politician never mind high ranking leaders of Falkirk Council.

 It was particularly sad to hear council leaders describe the benefit levels as generous when neither Councillor has any experience what so every on living on basic welfare or clearly have no comprehension of what life is like living on the official breadline.

 A leopard clearly can’t change its spots and the party Labour are in partnership with both locally and within the No campaign are no different from the party of Margaret Thatcher and Normal Tebbit.

 The fact is that while benefits are being cut for those at the bottom of the income scale the top rate of Income Tax is being slashed for the rich with a further £130billion uncollected tax through legal loopholes designed to assist the rich from paying their fair share.”

 Although the Tories were humiliated in the vote, 29 – 2 Labour didn’t escape the wrath of the SNP’s longest serving Councillor. He went on to say,

The similarity in outlook between the unionist parties is frightening. Johann Lamont’s ‘something for nothing’ condemnation of the SNP’s policy of free further education is so similar to the Tory outlook on welfare as to make no practical difference.

People are also angry that Councillors from Cameron’s Tory Party, so decisively rejected by the local electorate, have been placed in positions of power and influence, particularly at the current time when the Tories have declared open season on the most vulnerable.

 What is clear is that things will only get worse under any London Government whether the Tories or Labour and the only prospect of fairness is with independence.”

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One Response to Alexander Blasts Tory Ethos On Welfare Cuts

  1. Cllr Brian McCabe says:

    From the statement above –
    “Reacting to a Tory amendment to an SNP motion …” Ha! Ha! Ha! I had to laugh!
    Anybody read Craig Martin’s letter in the Falkirk Herald, 17th Jan?
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Here we had a Council Leader, I say again, a Council Leader, … feel so threatened by a number of NAIG Motions that he had to write to the Herald to ‘claim’ that a Pay-Day Loan Motion was actually the invention of his Labour group!
    This’ll be the same Labour group that haven’t had an original thought in the past 5 years!
    Dennis, let Craig know that I thought his epistle in Thursday’s Herald was as pitiful a letter as I have read in the paper in the past 3 years.

    A Motion was put in front of the Council which ‘appeared’ to have the support of the full council.
    Craig Martin could at least have the good grace to recognise the Motion as competent and proposed by a member of an opposition group. To try and publicly lay claim to the idea was both preposterous and pitiful. He never proposed it; He never seconded it; He never welcomed the motion.
    And yet he tries to lay claim to it.
    Pitiful. Simply Pitiful.
    How petty does this portray the Leader of Falkirk Council in the eye of the electorate? Doesn’t he see that his puerile attempts to take credit for something he knew nothing about only lowers his esteem in the eyes of the general public?
    “Neither do we go beyond our limits by boasting of work done by others.”
    2 Corinthians 10:15

    Long may it continue.

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