Scotland and the UK in EU: “Two Co-equal Successor States” Post Independence


A leading International lawyer and academic from the USA has said that post-independence Scotland and the rUK will be “co-equal successor states” in relation to EU membership.

The Professor David Scheffer  – a former Special Advisor to Madeleine
Albright at the United Nations and the first US Ambassador-at-large
for War Crimes Issues during Bill Clinton’s second term in office, now
lecturing at North Western University School of Law – told Radio
Scotland’s Good morning Scotland programme that Scotland’s passage
into the EU should be clear.

GMS host Derek Bateman asked: “Does it (rUK) become the successor
state do you suppose?”

Professor Scheffer replied: “My argument quite frankly is that we have
two co-equal successor states.

“The smart move is to say, ‘look, if it happens – namely if the
referendum actually, you know, achieves a ‘Yes’ vote for independence
– there will be a path developed for the continued participation of
the Scottish people and thus of the new nation of Scotland or the
restored nation of Scotland in the European Union”

The contribution has been welcomed by Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

She said:

“This is an excellent and enlightened contribution by a man who has
worked at the highest level in international law and politics.

“It will come as a huge blow to the anti-independence No camp
politicians who know that the real threat to Scotland being ousted
from Europe comes from remaining in the Westminster system.

“No serious person can argue that it is anything other than in the
interests of the EU to keep Scotland in continuous membership, given
this country’s huge natural resources in energy and other aspects
which make us such a valuable European partner.”

“It is only a Yes vote for an independent Scotland at the referendum
next year that will ensure Scotland’s voice is always heard at the top
tables of Europe.”

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