SNP Councillor Launches Grangemouth Town Centre Petition

David Balfour with local butcher, Gordon Richards

Grangemouth Councillor, David Balfour, has launched a petition for action to=o save and promote Grangemouth’s Shopping Centres.

The Grangemouth member is concerned that the previous Town Centre Regeneration proposals are effectively dead in the water leaving  behind a void that requires to be filled if the town’s two shopping centres are to survive.

Quote from Cllr Balfour,

“Grangemouth has two excellent shopping centres with some first class businesses offering a good range of goods and services.

 However, like most centres they are suffering from the economic downturn despite the efforts of the proprietors and the Town Centre Management Company.

 If these shops are to survive in the short term to flourish when the economy picks up then they will require assistance from Falkirk Council now.

 This petition is being launched to stimulate debate within the powers that be to recognise the importance of our centres and bring forward initiatives to promote their longer term sustainability.

 One possible practical initiative would be the reduction in rents for those businesses in council owned premises.

 This would send a clear message that Falkirk Council is serious about preserving jobs and services within the retail centres in Grangemouth.

 The SNP Councillor also issued a plea to the Grangemouth public not to overlook their local centres and to shop local where possible.

He went on to say,

There has to be a place for the Asdas of this world but I believe there is a balance to be struck.

 The people of Grangemouth are rightly proud of our retail centres and the businesses that make them what they are which is why we need to do our bit to promote them as well as giving our patronage.

 With everyone working together I am sure that we can turn things around and not only assist the current businesses survive but make Grangemouth thee place to be to attract new retail opportunities to our centres.”

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