Victims Of Tory Welfare Cuts Face Eviction Under Labour

The morphing of the once proud Falkirk Labour Party into a Tory Party Mark 2 was complete with their decision not to support an SNP motion ruling out eviction from council housing for anyone who has fallen into arrears with their rent due to Benefit Cuts and the introduction of the Tory Bedroom Tax

The SNP members had sought to offer comfort to those who face a cut in their Housing Benefit of around £10 per week on top of other benefit cuts.

The SNP sought to offer assistance to those suffering hardship due to Tory cuts but stopping short of eviction if the tenant can demonstrate their arrears were due to the Tory Reforms.

However, in a speech that could have been delivered by any Tory Backbencher, Labour Housing Convenor, Gerry Goldie linked those who fall into arrears with those who “contribute nothing and sought to demonise the victims Tory policies.

This was despite hearing stories of severe hardship facing many hundreds of local families and individual claimants. Around 60% of council tenants claim Housing Benefits with 44% of claimants being hit by the Tory Bedroom Tax with penalties that will cost claimants around £20 a fortnight.

An astonished SNP Housing spokesperson, David Alexander, said,

“The depth Labour has sunk to hit a new low with their lack of compassion for victims of Tory policies such as the Bedroom Tax.

 Their alliance with the Tories has gone much deeper than a simple case of a minor coming together and what we have is a merger of ethos, direction and policies.”

 Earlier in the debate Labour had delivered an inflation busting increase in council housing rents after the election gimmick of the rent freeze proposed last year.

Moving an inflation only increase and no evictions for low income tenants who fall into arrears through benefit reforms, Cllr Alexander said,

We are asking the Administration to send a message to those who find themselves through no fault of their own that their homes are not under threat.

 People are becoming frantic with worry causing stress and depression with the obvious knock on impacts for the NHS and other agencies such as Social Services.

 If there is any trace of compassion left in Labour they will support the SNP motion.”

 On a roll call vote 14 Labour, 2 Tory and Billy Buchanan defeated the 12 SNP and 2 Independents by 17 votes to 14 leaving vulnerable people even more vulnerable.

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10 Responses to Victims Of Tory Welfare Cuts Face Eviction Under Labour

  1. Cllr Brian McCabe says:

    Couple of points Cllr Alexander.
    Gerry Goldie ‘appeared’ to talk very passionately about the draconian cuts being imposed by the tories. He ‘appeared’ to talk with genuine(sic) conviction that our local residents will be seriously affected by the welfare reforms.
    I’d have had a good deal more belief in his public utterances if he wasn’t sitting next to Tory boys Nicol & Patrick when he speaks.
    If you are genuinely purporting to be a Socialist (he did use the term, did he not?) then your first action would be to withdraw any legitimacy to a political party who despise the working class. Posh Dave & Gideon didn’t win the election, yet they formed a coalition voted in by no one. Neither the Tories nor the Lib Dems received a mandate to govern and yet they are imposing these iniquitous welfare cuts on the Scottish people. If any of those ‘alleged’ socialists within the Labour Group of Falkirk Council held a genuine conviction that they actually cared about their constituents, they’d show short shrift to 2 Tory councillors who delight in the fact that they’re able to push draconian conservative policy with the endorsement of Labour support as a price for the corruption of power.
    I’ve never believed that Falkirk suffered from a “once proud Labour party.” Years of neglect in Denny, only magnified by Eric Joyce’s appointment and continued support from Cllr Goldie support my assertion.
    Today in chambers we had ‘sound-bites’. No policy; No belief; No compassion.

  2. David Alexander says:

    I understand where you are coming from Brian but I genuinely believe that once upon a time the majority of Labour Party members wished a more balanced adn equal society.

    I also believe that the majority of Labour members who have passed away or left the party would be 100% oppossed to a pact with the Tory Party at any level but Labour Party membership is tiny compared to what it once was hence the cynical betrayal of traditional Labour values by the council lleaders both political and civic is tolerated.

  3. Joe Bruce says:

    Better together? Clearly not.

  4. brian mccabe says:

    As you know, I originally come from Glasgow.
    Myself and all of my family have been Labour supporters for as long as I can remember, the party of the working class; the party of the people. There has been a long and honourable tradition of genuine socialists who fought & represented the common man in their fight against Tory & Liberal wealth. Following the death of John Smith, possibly the best Prime Minister we never had, the Labour Party has degenerated into the self-serving pygmies we see before us now.
    I don’t have a lot of experience of Falkirk Labour other than the criminal investigations over the years! It’s the sheer hypocrisy of imposing Eric Joyce on the electorate and when he rises to the occasion – expenses scandal; assault; drunken behaviour; drunk driving – and you throw him out of the party, “allegedly”.
    Well, why is he sitting in an office in Denny with May MacIntyre & Gerry Goldie, 2 Labour ‘stalwarts’ of the CLP? One his PA and a senior figure in the party; another a serving Labour councillor. It’s the continuing insidious behaviour of so many of the Falkirk Labour which infuriates me. If Pat Reid or Jim Blackwood, nice gentlemen purporting to be socialist, don’t stand up against the excesses of their colleagues, the once proud Labour Party you speak of is doomed.
    I think they’re already gone.
    I only have to look at Nicol & Patrick on the same benches as ‘supposed’ Labour acolytes; pygmies standing on the shoulders of giants who wouldn’t reach your skirting board.

    • Joe Bruce says:

      Councillor McCabe,

      I take all your points about Eric Joyce, but we cannot always choose who we work for. If I wasn’t employed by the Crown, then I probably would not be in a job, but I am no great lover of the monarchy! What would you have My MacIntyre do? Resign her job and face months without broo money? Gerry Goldie, on the other hand, could presumably survive on his councillors allowance.

  5. A homeless Officer says:

    Well said Mr B Mcabe. As a passionate believer in fairness for all, this ruling will impact further than anyone in power has realised or has even dared to espouse. Party politics aside, how disgraceful that MP’s, local councillors and those in power will not put their heads above the parapet and say how this impacts. I am all for weeding out the lazy claimants but not those with genuine need. Disgraceful tax. I have a case whereby two children who are expected to share cannot due to a severe chronic physical disability are being told to share a room, downsize or pay extra. The extra to be paid from a disabilty living allowance… Is this fair?? feedback from Local MP’s is appalling, they ring me and tell me its terrible and this family should not have to move… No shit sherlock, its your party that brought in the policy… As ever, succesive governments do not attack the difficult issues, moreover continue to trample on law abiding citizens… I am from England and again Politics aside as I love Scotland but governments need to be careful, the people will only take so much… Absolutely agree regarding John Smith……. keep fighting…….

  6. brian mccabe says:

    It is distressing to hear from officers in the front line who are having to deal with the iniquitous welfare reforms of a partisan political creed. No matter how many vulnerable people are affected by their right wing dogma (see above), these reforms will go ahead come hell or high water. It is obscene, genuinely obscene!
    Joe, I understand your premise that we can’t always choose who we work for. That’s true when it’s someone like Barclay’s Bank; or Shell; or Boots the Chemist. It doesn’t ring true when it’s an individual who you have freely chosen to work for.
    May MacIntyre’s position is untenable because she chose to work for Eric Joyce while occupying a senior position within the CLP. She is also a member of the Labour Fabian Society. She supported Eric’s candidacy as a Labour MP. I assume she’s done alright out of Eric’s ‘far from light’ expenses claims.
    The honourable thing to do is resign from his employ, but I wouldn’t expect her to do so. What I WOULD expect is that she resigns from the Labour Party to allow her to continue her employment. Remember, this is the same party who have publicly thrown Joyce out. Johan Lamont said: “I’m disgusted, regardless of any other issues. I think this makes Eric Joyce unfit to stand for the Labour Party.” He was deselected.
    For Gerry & May to continue to be employed by someone who has disgraced parliament and their party is the height of hypocrisy.
    It is that self-serving hypocrisy which is completely unacceptable.
    So, the choice is clear for both of them: Stand by your long held socialist principles and show respect to your party AND the electorate, by resigning from Mr Joyce’s employment (I don’t see it happening), or; resign from the Labour Party/Falkirk Council to enable you to take the Joyce shilling. You can’t do both.
    Unless you are the hypocrite.

  7. Bryan Deakin says:

    *applauds Brian*

    It is shocking what has happened, Scottish Labour was founded by the same guy and under same principals of the SNP, but now look where they are a once proud party is in shambles, and there elected officials are so annoyed with the success of the SNP that theyy jump in bed with the opposition, the right side of politics, by what I hear in grapevine there must be some amount of bullying in the party to make decent members of the party too scared to stand up and be counted for doing what they should.

  8. David Alexander says:

    The change in Labour in the last 20 years has been so great it is difficult to comprehend. That is why we need a Yes vote in 2014 as British politics is now a contest between two right wing parties with the outcome being a return to the law of the jungle with the most vulnerable being abandoned. If we want a socially just society then we can not leave that to the Tory twins.

  9. Ian Wilson says:

    I agree David, I am a shop steward and former Labour member. The party has lost its soul along with its direction which is the reason I switched to the SNP and the reason I will be voting Yes.

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