Buchanan and Gow kill of Bonnybridge railway station

Tom Coleman

Following a debate in Falkirk Council former Independent Councillor Billy Buchanan and Bonnybridge Labour Councillor, Linda Gow, were accused of killing off any prospects of a Railway Station at Bonnybridge.

SNP Depute leader and Bonnybridge Councillor, Tom Coleman reacted angrily to the refusal for a fourth time to the refusal of the current Labour / Tory and Independent Administration to commission a STAG Report into the feasibility of a Railway Station at Bonnybridge.

In a debate when the former Independent Councillor for Bonnybridge, Billy Buchanan was reprimanded by Labour Provost pat Reid several times members of Falkirk Council heard from their own officers that,

  •  Not one penny had been spent by the Administration on the case for Bonnybridge since the current Administration came to power.
  •  A STAG Report was the correct approach to make a case for stations at both Bonnybridge and Grangemouth.
  •  Not one single new station in Scotland had been approved without a STAG Report
  •  The Transport Minister, Stuart Stevenson MSP had intimated there was a window of opportunity for Bonnybridge if Falkirk Council took the lead.
  •  Instead of grasping the opportunity of an offer from the SNP Labour, Tory and Independent Councillors voted to reject a jointly funded report for these communities.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Tom Coleman said,

 “Any credibility Linda Gow and Billy Buchanan had with the people fo Bonnybridge with the people of Bonnybridge has now gone.

They have spent the last three years telling the people of Bonnybridge that they were in favour of a railway station for the town but that is now four occasions they have refused to make a case for it in the manner their own council officials have intimated they need to if they are serious about actually delivering for the people.

 I am particularly angry at Billy Buchanan whose loyalty to the Labour Party is clearly grater than his loyalty to the people who elected his. Never again can he describe himself as the Independent voice for Bonnybridge.”

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