Falkirk Labour Seeking Cuts To NHS Funding

The SNP Government have been criticised by Falkirk Council’s ruling Labour / Tory Administration for protecting the NHS budget.

The extraordinary attack came from Falkirk Council Leader, Craig Martin, during his budget speech when the under pressure Councillor called for resources to be redirected from the “inefficient NHS to local government”.

 This despite the fact Councillor Martin’s Administration has accumulated a growing underspend that is standing around the £15m at the moment from a Local Government share of the national budget that is a full 1% higher than when Labour left office in  2007.

Commenting on the Labour Leader’s attack on the NHS SNP Community Health spokesperson, Cllr Steven Jackson said,

“Labour and their Tory partners within Falkirk Council have shown an inability to actually spend the budget they have yet now they want cuts in the NHS funding to direct more money into their ever growing piggy bank.

 That means fewer nurses, fewer doctors and longer waiting times for those waiting for treatment

 If Councilor Martin is serious about NHS waste he should look at the £33.5m a year rent for the new privately owned and run for profit Forth Valley Hospital at Larbert his. Party lumbered the local NHS with under the Tory born Private Finance Initiative (PFI) rushed through weeks before the 2007 elections.

 Add to that Labour’s intention to reintroduce Prescription Charges and support for the Tory privatisation of huge areas of the NHS in England and we see why Labour can not be trusted with the Scottish National Health Service.

 Thank heavens Craig Martin and his colleagues aren’t running the NHS”

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2 Responses to Falkirk Labour Seeking Cuts To NHS Funding

  1. colin seivwright says:

    Nye Bevan must be turning in his grave ,bet he would be right proud of you Craig.

  2. Keith Houston says:

    I think it’s going to be very hard for anyone to see the difference between the Labour Party and their Tory allies. The mutual support at local and national level only looks like a pathetic attempt to halt constitutional change.

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