What The Media Have Tried to Ignore

While the Scottish media spent most of this week giving almost exclusive coverage to the negativity of the Bitter Together campaign by seeking to portray John Swinney’s positive report as a negative they almost completely ignored the annual report from the UK Government that showed Scotland’s financial position to be better than the UK’s  by a distance.

Table 1 below shows that with 8.8% of the population of the UK Scotland contributes 9.9% of the taxation collected by the UK Treasury but receives only 9.3% of government expenditure, a difference of £4.4b.

Unionists point to the fact that Scotland currently operates with a fiscal deficit but fail to point out that not only do all developed countries operate with a fiscal deficit but Scotland’s is one of the lowest in Europe.

Table 2 compares the Scottish position with that of the UK and beyond and shows a healthy psoition for an independent Scotland compared to remaining within a failing union.

What we need in Scotland is an unbiased media that will present balanced facts rather than being cheerleaders for the negativity of the Bitter Together camp.

What these tables show is that Scotland is better placed than the UK to create jobs and prosperity as well as protecting the most vulnerable within our community.

What the No camp has to offer is continued decline, tax cuts for the rich with welfare, cuts for the poor with Scotland being used as the dumping ground for Westminster’s weapons of mass destruction.

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