Labour Still Embarrassing The People of Falkirk

After the public battering the reputation of Falkirk has taken with the antics of local Labour MP, Eric Joyce, Falkirk is once again hitting the national press headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In a series of articles over a period of  six weeks the Sunday Herald has exposed the bloody civil war that is taking place within the Falkirk Labour Party as they seek to appoint a candidate for the 2015 UK General Election.

The contest is between Linda Gow, the former Labour leader of the Falkirk Council Labour / Tory coalition before she was ousted by her colleagues, trade unionist, Karie Murphy and unknown, Gregor Poynton with the main contest being between Murphy and Gow.

What should have been an exercise in humility after years of negative headlines that have brought the name of Falkirk into disrepute has descended into a bitter fight between factions within the Labour Party that have become increasingly poisonous as the contest reaches a climax.

The trade union, Unite have backed Glasgow left winger, Karie Murphy and have been using members money to recruit new members for Labour by hiring expensive hotel rooms and advertising in the local press. Local non Labour Unite member’s complaints have gone unanswered causing resentment within the union membership.

Commenting on the breaking stories that, once again, raises question marks over the fitness of Labour to hold office in Falkirk, SNP candidate forFalkirk in the 2011 election, Councillor John McNally said,

“Once again Labour are proving to be an embarrassment to the people of Falkirk.

 To be a public representative is an honour that has to be won and yet Labour seem to believe it is their birthright. Indeed the arrogance of those involved demonstrates that Labour and their allies clearly believe that the people of Falkirk are there to serve the Labour Party rather than the reverse.

 You only have to compare the antics of the Labour Party locally with the dignified way in which our two hard working local SNP MSPs, Michael Matheson and Angus MacDonald represent the people of Falkirk West and Falkirk East respectively to see the difference in attitude.

 Of course the 2015 UK General Election only has relevance locally if the No campaign are successful if convincing the Scottish people all major decisions affecting our society should be taken by David Cameron in Westminster rather than by our own government.

 There are many good reasons to vote Yes on 18 September 2014 and the abolition of the Falkirk Constituency Labour Party is added to those benefits.”

 Link to the latest Sunday Herald story,

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