Michael Matheson welcomes new council house building program

Michael Matheson

Falkirk West MSP, Micahel Matheson has welcomed news that a record number of new council houses are to be built this year thanks to the SNP.

SNP Housing minister Alex Neil today heralded theScottish Government council house building scheme as a massive success after itemerged that that the number of council houses started across Scotland in 2010increased by over 100 per cent compared with 2009, official figures confirmed. In total 866 council homes were started, more than double the 379 started during the same period last year and compared to the 6 built in the last year under Labour.

The MSP said,

 “The UK Government’s savage cuts right across the public sector present us with huge challenges to deliver much needed council housing across Scotland but particularly in Falkirk…

 New developments such as that in Carron Road in Bainsford can only happen with government money and the change to the law that Labour opposed throughout their eight years in office.

 I am delighted that young families in particular will get the opportunity of a council house at the time the bottom has fallen out of the private sector.

 However, Falkirk Council are lagging behind councils such as SNP controlled West Lothian in terms of numbers of new build and the vision for the future so it looks as though there remains a lack of enthusiasm amongst Labour and Tory Councillors for new council housing in Falkirk Council.”

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